Bak Knows Best: Beat the Heat and Humidity


Beat the Heat and Humidity

By Ryan Bak

Hot and humid summer weather can present risks to your health while also slowing you down.  When you run or workout, your core body temperature slowly rises and you produce sweat to cool your body down by carrying excess heat to the surface of the skin to evaporate.  However, humid conditions can prevent sweat from evaporating, consequently disabling your main mechanism to reduce your building body heat.  Many factors contribute to your ability to regulate heat and humidity including body size and age.  Control the controllable and follow these tips for safer running in hot and humid weather:

  • Stay hydrated throughout the day
  • Wear breathable, loose fitting, light colored clothing
  • Run by feel instead of pace
  • Take breaks to reduce your core temperature, as needed
  • Follow a route with water available or carry a bottle
  • Run on a shaded trail or close to bodies of water, if possible
  • Use the Heat Index (combining temperature & relative humidity) to find the best times to run
  • Consider a treadmill in an air-conditioned room for quality workouts
  • Be mindful of possible warning signs of heat exhaustion & heat stroke (muscle weakness or cramps, lack of sweating, nausea, headache, light headedness, confusion, hot or tingly skin, rapid heartbeat, excessive thirst)
  • Remember that you can acclimate & even increase fitness with a slower pace

Beat the heat and humidity and don’t let the weather get you down.  Visit to read the full article.  Follow @RyanBak_yurbuds on Twitter and for more tips.


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