Inspiration for the New Year

Inspiration for the New Year

Inspiration for the New Year

By Team yurbuds

Happy New Year!!

In the season of New Years resolutions and lists of new training promises and goals, the yurbuds team wants to help you on your journey. Below are some words of wisdom and inspiration from our athletes to kick off 2014!

Angela Naeth:
Keep your indoor workouts motivating by mixing it up! One of my favorite things to do while riding or running indoors is to alternate songs with easy/hard efforts. One easy, one hard. One easy, one harder gear or uphill. If that fails, I start doing this with the main chorus to make the intervals shorter. Before you know it, an hour has gone by and you’re listening to that last cool down song!

Mirinda Carfrae:
Always layer and stay warm leading into your training and post workout.   Don’t let yourself get cold chatting with friends post run.  Winter months have shorter days for a reason so tip #2 is get plenty of sleep.

Timothy O’Donnell:
Fellas, grow a beard! Nothing helps keep the nip off the face better!

LaMichael James:
When I’m training or playing, it always starts with the warm-up and ends with recovery.

Pete Jacobs:
A warm cup of tea before jumping in the pool, or heading out on the bike. Treat yourself to some top shelf winter cycling gloves – best motivation ever to get out there and test them!

Meredith Kessler:
Although nothing beats riding outside on a warm summer day, maintain your bike fitness by adding indoor cycling to your training repertoire. When the conditions are icy and dangerous outside, beef up your speed work on the treadmill by adding some incline short, quick and fast intervals. These quality, efficient and controlled sessions will marinate and translate into some crucial training! Some of my favorite and most productive training moments occur when I pop on my yurbuds playing my favorite tunes and very intently get into the rhythm and visualization of these calculated and priceless sessions.

Add a new pair of yurbuds to your New Years wish list to keep you motivated! Below are a few of our athletes’ favorite yurbuds to train with in 2014!

Mirinda Carfrae’s favorite pair of yurbuds:
Inspire Talk for Women

LaMichael James’ favorite pair of yurbuds:
Signature Series ITE100

Timothy O’Donnell’s favorite pair of yurbuds:
Inspire Limited Edition

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