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Ryan's Story

By Ryan Polly

With only 3 weeks left until Boston I am full of so many emotions.  From feeling excited to terrified, running Boston is about the only thing on my mind these days and certainly about the only thing I talk about.  It amazes me that we are this close yet it still feels so far away.  I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to run Boston in 2014 and to finish the race!  Having the opportunity to cross the finish line is like discovering a few ripped out pages of an epic novel and finally getting to finish reading it!

As I’ve been training for Boston this past year things have been different.  Prior to Boston 2013, I was a newer runner working to overcome serious health issues and proving to myself that I could run a marathon.  Every increase in distance was a milestone as I made my way towards Hopkinton.  I truly appreciated the opportunity to run Boston as my first marathon and as a crowning achievement in my road to fitness.   This year, while I continued working on getting even more fit, the training has been different.  With every run I carry those scary moments from last year.  A siren may pass by or a car may backfire and my mind quickly returns to the fear and helplessness that I, and so many others, experienced on what was supposed to be one of the greatest days of our lives.  Despite those feelings, this year I have been determined.  This isn’t just about finishing a marathon; this is about proving to myself that I will #Neverstop and that nothing can prevent me from following my dreams and being the best man that I can be.

To get through this training season, and to get to Boston as strong as possible, I have relied heavily on my partner Kel, my children, and the many inspirational runners that I have met as a result of this tragedy.  It is amazing that it can take something so tragic to bring people together, but I truly believe I now have several very close friendships with people that I would have never met had it not been for the events that transpired.  There have been moments where I have question and wondered if I should run again.  I dealt with an injury, taking nearly 4 weeks out of my training, and my health took a small detour requiring that I rest more than usual.  But, my family and friends continued to encourage me; reminding me that I am source of inspiration for them, and that has helped me to push.   I truly feel blessed and believe that these new friendships, along with my loving partner and kids, helped me to push past all the challenges of training to become Boston ready once again.

I am proud to be returning to Boston; not only to prove that I am capable but to be a source of inspiration to others.  Nothing should prevent us from fulfilling our dreams.  Never give up and #Neverstop!

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