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April 11, 2014

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Bak Knows Best: Speed up your Recovery

By Ryan Bak

From beginners to weekend warriors and age groupers alike, all the way up to professional athletes, the importance of recovery cannot be highlighted enough.  Recovery is a huge key to improving performance and advancing your fitness levels and it should… Continue reading

Bak Knows Best: Beat the Heat and Humidity

By Ryan Bak

Hot and humid summer weather can present risks to your health while also slowing you down.  When you run or workout, your core body temperature slowly rises and you produce sweat to cool your body down by carrying excess heat… Continue reading

Bak Knows Best: The Traveling Runner

By Ryan Bak

Are you a frequent traveler?  Does your training falter when you’re on the go?  Whether you’re away from home for business or pleasure, travel can present significant challenges to your running routine.  However, a little planning, flexibility, and determination can… Continue reading

Bak Knows Best: Start Running Now!

By Ryan Bak

Many of you are missing out on the benefits and pleasures of the pure and simple sport of running.  How many times do you see coaches telling athletes to go run laps for discipline or poor performance?  It’s unfortunate that… Continue reading

Bak Knows Best: Fuel for Success

By Ryan Bak

Your diet not only impacts your overall health and well being, but it also fuels your training and supports recovery. Proper nutrition and hydration can also help promote peak performance so read on to see how you can improve your… Continue reading