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April 11, 2014

Supporting a Great Cause

April 3, 2014

#neverstop Healing

April 3, 2014

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April 3, 2014

#neverstop Supporting

April 2, 2014

#neverstop Believing

Climbing to New Heights

By Team yurbuds

Collaboration is core to the yurbuds culture. To strengthen how we work together, yurbuds departments and teams often engage in unique forms of team building exercises – in the form of actual exercise! The marketing team ended the first quarter… Continue reading

Charge your Workout

By Team yurbuds

Charge your workout with the new Inspire Vivid sport earphones! Every so often, we find ourselves losing motivation or traction in our workout regimen. This can be especially hard after the holidays. We have an initial burst of energy in… Continue reading

Inspiration for the New Year

By Team yurbuds

Happy New Year!! In the season of New Years resolutions and lists of new training promises and goals, the yurbuds team wants to help you on your journey. Below are some words of wisdom and inspiration from our athletes to… Continue reading

Cold Weather Training Tips

By Team yurbuds

As winter sets in, motivation to continue training can often be lost. Going for a run outdoors now inevitably involves putting on multiple layers and the amount of effort to maintain our work out routines and healthy lifestyle is greatly increased… Continue reading

Find Your Inspiration

By Eric Gelber (Badwater Ultramarathon Finisher 2012)

Albert Einstein said “Life is like riding a bike. To maintain your balance you must keep moving.” This was brought to my attention by the young man who spoke at my sonʼs 8th grade graduation a few weeks ago. Yes,… Continue reading