Bak Knows Best: Four Fundamentals of Efficient Running


Four Fundamentals to Efficient Running

By Ryan Bak

If you watch professional runners at the front of a marathon or the local gal that just looks so smooth while she runs and wonder what is it that enables them to make running look so easy and effortless?  Here is the secret.  It’s not about fitness level or speed; it’s about running form and efficiency.  If you practice these four hallmarks of a good runner, you too will become smooth and efficient.

•    Decrease vertical displacement (up and down movement)
•    Decrease impact force when your foot hits the ground
•    Decrease contact time with the ground
•    Run at 180 steps per minute***

It might seem like a lot to focus on, but if you just work on 180 steps per minute, the other variables will fall into place.  Whether you are running a 5 minute mile or a 12 minute mile, you should still maintain 180 steps per minute.  As a bonus, when you become more efficient you will go faster without even realizing it.

Follow these simple fundamentals and you too will #inspire others around you to go #beyondthewall in 2013!  Follow @RyanBak_yurbuds on Twitter and for more tips.

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