Filling Up on the Correct Foods


Filling Up on the Correct Foods

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Whether you’re running, biking, lifting, or doing whatever it is that keeps you active, sometimes it’s a challenge to keep your appetite in check.  After an intense workout or long day of activity, it is certainly tempting to scarf down whatever food you can get your hands on with a ravenous appetite.

As long as you’re filling up on the correct foods, it’s certainly okay to add volume and bulk to your meals!  There are so many unique ways to satisfy your hunger without going overboard.  To get your week off to the right start, I’ve listed a few tips & tricks to fill up on healthy staples while getting the biggest bang for your calorie buck.


If you’re like me, the standard ½ cup of oatmeal never fills me up.  In order to stay satisfied through out the morning, I simply add a ½ cup of egg whites to my morning oats.  You can’t even tell the difference!


  • Cook ½ oats per directions on the package
  • Add ½ cup liquid egg whites & microwave for 2-3 minutes (time will very)
  • Stove top: cook for 3-5 minutes at medium heat, stirring occasionally

Bonus: By adding the egg whites, you’re adding an additional 10-12 grams of protein to your morning meal!


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A regular salad is sure to leave my stomach grumbling just minutes after mealtime.

Below is 1 cup of lettuce:

Salad_1 copy

Now, here is 4 cups of lettuce:

Salad_2 copy

My trick? Chop up as much lettuce as possible using your handy kitchen scissors.  Your salad will immediately become denser and you’ll be able to fill up on the good stuff—healthy greens! Chop up, eat up, and enjoy!!


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